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Please download the following files for Partial or Full Day Absence and Application for Exemption from Attendance at School and hand it into the office.

Marking Class Rolls

Schools are being required to give greater scrutiny to student attendance at school, including partial absences. TCCS has revised its policy and procedures with regards the marking of rolls.

The following procedures are taken from the revised policy:


Children line up at 8.50am on the sounding of the bell. Children who arrive after the bell should report to the office for a late note.

Partial Absences

Children who arrive after 8.50am will be recorded as a partial absence. The same will apply in the afternoon to any children who leave school prior to 2.50pm. In both cases parents/carers should report to the office and record (and sign) a note giving a reason for their late arrival/early departure.

Notes of Explanation

All absences need to be followed with explanatory notes written by the Parent/Carer. Parents can access a pro forma from the school website or may write a note of explanation without having to use the pro forma. The note should indicate the date(s) of the absence and reason for absence. It is not acceptable for a parent to simply write "Johnny was away yesterday". There must be adequate explanation.

Follow-up of Unexplained Absences

If a note is not produced on the student's return to school, a reminder will be sent home via the weekly Boomerang Pouch. If notes are not returned within 7 days of the absence, the absence will be recorded as an unexplained absence. The principal will be informed if there is any concern over an absence or pattern of absences.

Anticipated Absences

If parents/carers wish for their child/ren to be absent from school, for example, to participate in family holidays during school term, then they should complete 'Application for Exemption from Attendance at School', available from the School Office or Website.

Principal's Responsibilities

The Principal will follow up any matters of concern over absences. This would cover any issue relevant to the school's Child Protection Policy but also any concern over type or number of absences. Any letters sent to parents will be copied and placed in the student's file in the office.

Revised January, 2012

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